About Us

At Flow Consulting, we work passionately to support realistic and sustainable transformation in individuals, teams and organisations across the globe.

We create a commercial advantage for organisations through the development of high performing teams, full of capable, inspired and motivated individuals.

We develop bespoke experiential programmes which support individuals to become more conscious leaders. Our ability to deliver this change comes from our core background in psychology. As qualified practitioners, our understanding of how we function as humans (both individually and in relationship) enables us to deliver fresh insights to our clients and challenge them to think beyond the obvious.


Jane Martin, Founder


Individual Development

Our focus is to help individuals understand their own experiences and perspectives so that they can have the impact they want.  

Team Effectiveness

We enable teams to work more effectively together for commercial advantage through a focus on communication and working practices.

Organisational Development

We help organisations understand how they operate systemically (how each part influences and impacts the others) and support whole system change.


We deliver practical and engaging experiences based on a sound understanding of needs and with a focus on how learning is embedded going forward.

Individual Coaching and Personal Consultancy

We deliver professional individual coaching and personal consultancy to enhance leadership or management performance and personal development.


We work extensively with a wide variety of psychometrics and personality profiling tools to help assess and develop individuals and teams.

Our team

Flow Consulting was founded by Jane Martin. Jane is a qualified business psychologist and psychotherapist, facilitator, NLP practitioner and coach. She heads up a team of committed and experienced professionals from a range of disciplines including facilitators, consultants, coaches and business professional actors.

We handpick each team to provide the best support and development opportunities.

The team are certified in a number of psychometric models including the Leadership Development Profile, Hogan, Emotional Intelligence, Insights Colours and MBTI.

Some of the people we work with

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Jane brings a bright and insightful, yet calm and nurturing presence that engages individuals and enables her to encourage and stretch our delegates out of their comfort zones and into a place where transformation learning happens. Feedback from our workshops and coaching has been consistently exceptional! - Global Head of Talent and Learning
The session you ran was the highlight of our 2-day meeting in that it resulted in an "awakening" of the team and a complete self-evaluation, acceptance and realisation of their value to the organisations we represent. The team purpose statement, which was only one of the numerous tangible outputs will now be proudly displayed on our email signature. - Head of Finance
‘As ever a great job. Many thanks. You have a great style and deep understanding of your subject. I particularly like your ability to take the time to answer questions and go ‘off piste’ a little without losing the main thread. In fact these were some of the most valuable bits and I felt people really gained from these.’ Commercial Director
‘Very useful course – expertise and adaptability of actors had a very positive impact for me in realising the value of scenario and role-play. Nice non-threatening environment too.’ Workshop delegate
‘I have the attention span of a gnat and usually switch off by first coffee break. You kept my attention and kept me engaged all day! Loved it thanks!’ Workshop delegate

Contact us

You can fill the form below or reach us via jane@flowconsulting.co.uk or phone: +44 (0)7801 298929